Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dynamic 3D Viewers for VR

In my last post, I postulated on whether or not VR would be able to replace some of the functions of 3D printing.  I mean, just think about it.  If you were able to design a 3D model and then interact with that model without necessarily printing it out, wouldn't that be pretty slick?  3D printing of course would still have a place in certain manufacturing of real world parts but in terms of the educational value, VR might accomplish a lot of the same purposes.

It seems a little bit hard to wrap your brain around this idea of manipulating virtual objects in virtual reality but check out this demo video of some of the things that Oculus is working on in terms of touch input.  HTC Vive already allows similar interactions in VR.

Now envision all the tools we currently have coming together in one to allow students the ability to design things and then bring their designs into VR to experiment with.  There are currently a few programs that allow the user to import 3D models designed on the computer and then interact with them in VR.  IrisVR and qrVR exist as a way to see what is currently in the works as far as dynamic 3D viewers.

Check out my video review of the two different apps.

Got thoughts and ideas about how VR/AR might change education or ways you want to use it in your classroom?  Weigh in on the comments!