Monday, August 15, 2016

SpeechCenter VR, a True Educational Experience

There are several apps that have entered the educational VR scene.  I’ve written about Labster before and had a chance to check out other apps from Lifeliqe and Unimersiv. SpeechCenterVR actually seems like more than a demo with its finished courses that aim to guide the user into becoming a better public speaker.

SpeechCenter VR is currently available for the Gear VR and the website lists plans of coming soon to Google Cardboard.  What gets me really excited about SpeechCenter VR is something different than the public speaking curriculum.  In fact, I’ve been watching closely as some other social platforms have released for VR.  To name three others, AltSpaceVR, vTime, and LectureVR are a few that have given users the ability to communicate in a 3D virtual world. 

So what is SpeechCenter doing that could actually propel it into the K-12 classroom?  

The app gives users the ability to setup spaces where virtual avatars can convene and discuss any number of topics.  One feature that educators will love is the ability to set up and moderate private groupings of users into a meetup within SpeechCenter Vr.  Here is a list that parent company Cerevrum, Inc gives for other
ideas on using SpeechCenter in education:

  • A debate club can benefit from the public speaking lessons by practicing its speeches and sharing them with fellow classmates and coaches to obtain feedback.
  • Students can practice their interviewing skills and obtain feedback from fellow students or from faculty/staff at the career services office.
  • Students may use SCVR to hone either their presentation or communication skills.
  • Schools can have students from different campuses convene in a virtual meeting room to review progress, discuss presentations, and record the meeting so that a group member who could not make the meeting can quickly get up to speed.
  • Structure presentations in a knowledge-sharing platform for students.

Here are a few other ideas not listed on their website:

  • Teachers could present material in a flipped classroom from the comfort of home.
  • Foreign language students could meet with other language learners from around the world to practice and engage in the target language.

The future of educational VR is still largely unwritten but it is awe-inspiring to experience the emerging technology and consider just how much it might change how things are done.  Checkout my brief review if you want to see what this app looks like on the inside.